Vascular Therapies is a biotechnology company focused on improving patient outcomes by reducing surgical stenosis in patients with kidney and vascular disease. The company has developed Sirogen™, an investigational sirolimus formulation for local, perivascular drug delivery.

Sirogen™ is currently undergoing clinical trials to determine its safety and effectiveness in improving vascular access outcomes in patients requiring an arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis.

Reducing Surgical Stenosis for Patients with Kidney Disease

How Vascular Therapies is Addressing the Need


Vascular Therapies’ approach is to deliver sirolimus (a drug) locally to the blood vessel at and around the anastomosis. It is doing so by implanting a collagen-based drug delivery system containing sirolimus (SirogenTM) at the time of the surgical procedure. Vascular Therapies’ goal is to prevent the vein from narrowing and provide adequate blood flow to support consistent dialysis.

Vascular Therapies sirolimus-eluting collagen

Caution: FDA has tentatively approved the proprietary tradename Sirogen™ for Vascular Therapies’ formulation of sirolimus. Sirogen™ is an investigational product that is not available for sale in any country.